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Sifu Chan Pui
Federation Officer: Director
Martial Arts System:  Wah Lum
School: Wah Lum Kung Fu of USA Headquarters
851 North Goldenrod Road, Orlando, FL 32807

Sifu Chan Pui represents the sixth h generation of the Wah Lum Kung Fu System and has over 50 years of martial arts experience.  At the age of six, he studied in China under Grandmaster Lee Kwan Shan, and is a 33rd generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple in 1968, he immigrated to the United States and opened his first school in Boston, MA in 1970.  He is one of the leading pioneers in introducing martial arts to the Untied States.  In 1980, he moved the headquarters of the Wah Lum System to Orlando, FL where he built the first kung fu temple in the United States, the Wah Lum Temple.  The temple is amidst bamboo trees on a 1 ¼ acre site and is well suited for indoor and outdoor training.  The main purpose for the temple is to spread the art of kung fu and to encourage dedicated martial artists across the nation to further training and achieve maximum potential in the art.

Sifu Chan has instructed thousands of students and has over 30 schools throughout the world.  He is also famous for taking U.S. students to study in China and for bringing famous masters to America.  Sifu Chan was the first person to bring the Shaolin Monk tour to the United States in 1991.

Sifu Chan has appeared on national television in Discovery Channel’s Secret of the Warrior’s Power, several documentaries, pay-per-view and ESPN.  He has also trained a professional demonstration team that performs at the theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Florida’s Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, sea World, and Florida’s Splendid China.  Sifu Chan has also held performances to raise funds for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  (An organization that aids children with cancer)

Sifu Chan has been honored as Inside Kung Fu Magazine’s “Instructor of the Year” in 1992 and 1999.  He was also nominated for “Kung Fu Artist of the Year” by Black Belt Magazine in 1988.  Recognized and known to many, Sifu Chan has been an integral part of contributing martial arts knowledge to the world.


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