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Sifu Derek Johnson 
Federation Officer: Vice Chairman, Maryland
Martial Arts System: Jow G 
School: Jow Ga Kung Fu Athletic Assoc.
9220 Rumsey Rd, Bay #5, Columbia, MD 21045

Derek Johnson "Cheung Tai Lik", student of Jow Ga Masters Dean Chin and Deric Mims.  Studied Jow Ga Kung Fu since 1978. Grand Student and Godson of Jow Ga Grandmaster Chan Man Cheung.  Chief Instructor of Jow Ga Kung Fu Athletic Association, Columbia MD.  Has 2nd branch in Krakow, Poland.  Promoter of the 1st Jow Ga 5 Tigers All Kung Fu Championship 2004 Maryland.  Has represented the U.S. Jow Ga Association in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Germany during demonstrations and competitions. Ful time Police Officer 11 years.