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Sifu Mimi Chan
Federation Officer: Friendship Ambassador
Martial Arts System:  Wah Lum
School: Wah Lum Kung Fu of USA Headquarters
851 North Goldenrod Road, Orlando, FL 32807


Sifu Mimi Chan began her training under her father, Grandmaster Chan Pui, at the age of 3.  She was born in Boston, MA in 1978 and in 1980 moved with her family to Orlando, FL where the Wah Lum Kung Fu Temple was built.  There she began her training.

By the age of five she was already performing in local exhibitions.  She began teaching at the age of 12 and by age 15 was competing in international tournaments.  At 17, she won her first of many Grand Championship titles in Seattle, WA at the International Open Kung Fu Championship.  Now retired from competition, Mimi is currently undefeated in both hand form and weapons.  She now dedicates her tournament experience to teaching her students and sharing her knowledge with them. 

At a young age Mimi began performing on stage at various exhibitions around the world.  She has also performed at famous theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Florida’s Splendid China, MGM Studios, Busch Gardens and Epcot Center.  Along with live performances she entered the movie world when she was chosen as the model and martial arts video reference for Disney’s animated feature, Mulan.  Over the course of 4 years she worked with prominent animators and directors to help bring Mulan to life.  Mimi has also made an appearance on television’s Mortal Kombat Conquest as a warrior fighter who defeats the evil Shang Tsung.  Along with television shows, she has /also worked with famous Hong Kong stunt directors on the television movie The Disciples.
Mimi has been featured in several martial arts magazines including, Inside kung Fu, TC Media’s Kung Fu Magazine, and Filipino Martial Arts magazine.  Mimi was also recognized by Inside Kung Magazine as 2000 “Woman of the Year”. 

Sifu Mimi Chan is a rising martial artist for the 21st century and will continue to strive to spread the spirit of martial arts and the Wah Lum System.  She follows the footsteps of her father by dedicating her life to teaching and training at the Wah Lum Kung Fu Temple.

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