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Sifu Tony Yang 
Federation Officer:  Chairman, Ohio
Martial Arts System: Tai Chi/Bagua
School: Wu Tang Center for Martial Arts
1063 S. Arlington, Akron, OH 44306


Tony Yang began studying at age 6 under the instruction of his uncle, a martial arts master. He learned Northern Shaolin and three-section staff. During high school he studied Tang Lang Quan (Praying Mantis Kung Fu). He then moved to Taipei and became a student of Grandmaster Su Yu-Chang, of the Praying Mantis system. It was Grandmaster Su who introduced Master Yang to Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao. For two years, he studied under both teachers and then became solely a student of Grandmaster Liu. During this time he practiced Tai Chi, Baji, Praying Mantis, and various weapons. He also received personal instruction from Grandmaster Liu in Bagua, Pigua, Mizong, Baji and numerous weapons. Grandmaster Liu learned his Baji from Master Li Shu Wen. At age 24, he was allowed by Grandmaster Liu to teach martial arts, a high compliment indeed. He was soon instructing at five colleges, teaching classes in Tai Chi and Praying Mantis. During this time of intense dedication and training, he also taught Tai Chi and sword to elderly students at a mountain temple. Before coming toAmerica,he taught the Chinese Acrobats of Taiwan for four years. In May, 1980, Master Yang came to the United States and settled in Canton Ohio. He has since opened his own martial arts school, Wu Tang Center for Martial Arts and continues to teach there