Tai Yim Kung Fu School

Sifu Tai Yim

Hung Fut Kung Fu was created nearly 400 years ago at the Southern Shaolin Temple in China by Wun Lei, a Buddhist monk and kung fu grandmaster. Wun Lei combined the powerful, hard style of Hung Gar with the flowing soft style of Fut Gar, giving birth to the Southern Shaolin Hung Fut system. The Hung Fut system is, thereby, a style unique in its incorporation of linear, circular, and angular techniques, which results in movements that are powerful and explosive, yet precise, flowing, and without rigidity.

Tai Yim Kung Fu School is headed by Sifu Tai Yim, Eighth Generation Grandmaster of the Hung Fut system. Sifu Tai Yim practiced kung fu for 18 years in Hong Kong
where he received the lineage title from his sifu, Grandmaster Hung Yu Chung, before bringing the Hung Fut system to the United States in 1977.

Grandmaster Tai Yim's traditional teaching includes 10 animal styles, 25 weapon styles, 8 drunken angel styles, traditional lion and dragon dancing, tai chi chuan, sparring, and a children's program.

Phone Number
(301) 949-9299
10730 Connecticut Ave. Kensington, MD