Lily Lau Eagle Claw Kung Fu Federation Int’l

Sifu Rual J. Abreu, Sifu Dong Ge, Sifu Lily Lau, Sifu Neal Lee, Sifu Wei Lixang, Sifu Kalman Wong

The Eagle Claw Kung Fu technique, or Chin Na, is an ancient and powerful discipline. Masters of the Eagle Claw are adept at open fist attacks, grapples, and takedowns. The Eagle Claw technique origins can be traced back to the high militaristic years of the Chinese Wu Shu Dynasty.

The Eagle Claw is a Kung Fu discipline that emphasizes striking and strength. Like the predatory birds for which it owes its inspired birth, Eagle claw is deadly and precise. It is also rare in Kung Fu training because it requires a great deal of natural hand-to-eye coordination, and a judicial temperament in execution.

The modern living master of Eagle Claw is Ying Jow Pai (as seen in the video to the left). He is a prolific teacher and educator in the Eagle Claw style. His philosophy entails a learning method that encourages passion, power, aggressiveness, and large space occupation.

Lily Lau is an 8th generation Grand Master of Shaolin “Fan Tsi” Eagle Claw. She oversees a large network of Kung Fu educational groups in China, is recognized as an authority on the technique, and regularly contributes to Kung Fu projects portrayed in cinema.

Grandmaster Leung Shum is a Chinese immigrant who brought his competitive style of Eagle Claw to the US in the 1970s. He is now retired, but is consider the leading Taiji educator in the West.

Chi Kuan Chun and Wong Tao used their Eagle Claw mastery in the movies. They produced several educational, demonstrative, and dramatic films highlighting this amazing and powerful Kung Fu technique. Many of their films were inspirational in producing the box office martial arts films of the late 20th century.

Eagle Claw is not for the faint of heart. This Kung Fu discipline is dependent upon the ultimate goal of “catching and subduing the dragon.” It is deadly when used aggressively, but elegant when used in its meditative form. These masters live by the tenants of eagle attack and defense. They possess definitive thoughts and philosophies on learning the Eagle Claw Kung Fu technique.