Wah Lum Kung Fu

Sifu Chan Pui

Grandmaster Pui Chan (currently the Grandmaster of Wah Lum Kung Fu Association) studied with Lee Kwan Shan and then continued to learn and train with his older Kung Fu brother Chan Wan Ching making him the sixth generation master of Wah Lum. He is also a 33rd generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple, and the first person to begin taking large tours to visit the Shaolin Temple.

In 1980, Grandmaster Chan built a Kung Fu Temple in Orlando, Florida. Calling it the Wah Lum Temple, he allows students from all over the country to live there and undertake intensive Kung Fu training in an atmosphere free of distractions. Grandmaster Chan has done this in order to preserve the traditional ways of Kung Fu training, and to provide an atmosphere of serenity and sincerity in the modern world.

Grandmaster Chan has been featured in magazines and documentaries for his revered style and prowess in the martial arts industry. Some of his features include the Discovery Channel’s Secret of the Warrior’s Power, Living Legends of Kung Fu (Vol. I), Warrior Within – Inside the Martial Arts, and various interviews and articles with Kung Fu Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, and Journal of Chinese Martial Arts. Grandmaster Chan has also received honors such as Instructor of the Year and Martial Artist of the Year by Inside Kung Fu Magazine and Black Belt Magazine. He is a 2003 inductee to the US Kuoshu Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Recognized and esteemed by many, Grandmaster Chan has been an integral part of contributing martial arts knowledge to the world. Through all his endeavors and accomplishments, most important to him are his love for his family, his pride in his students, and his whole-hearted practice of his system’s motto of integrating respect, kindness, fellowship, and strength in martial arts. You will always hear him say, “It’s not just a job, but a way of life.”

Phone Number
851 N. Goldenrod Rd. Orlando, FL