Jow Ga Kung Fu Association, USA

Sifu Hoy Lee

The founder of Jow Ga Kung Fu in America has been called a “living legend” and honored by the U.S.A. Wushu Kung Fu Federation (USAWKF) as “outstanding master” in 1998. With that coveted award came induction into the USAWKF Hall of Fame and a tribute that acknowledged Master Lee’s “profound ability to inspire the many people around you”.
Born in a small village in South China, Master Hoy K. Lee has grown from a tough teenage fighter on the streets of Hong Kong to the respected and internationally recognized teacher and martial artist he is today. He was recently proclaimed an “American Treasure” by the Mid-Atlantic region of the USAWKF.
Master Lee’s remarkable story was featured in the April/May, 1999 issue of Kung Fu magazine, which for the first time revealed the man behind the legend. If you joined Sifu’s class in Jow Ga Kung Fu, you would find that Master Lee has “a presence in the classroom like the eye of a hurricane”, the article says.
“He doesn’t do fancy stunts to display his ego. He doesn’t raise his voice. There are flashes of humor. The businessman has not leaped from the phone booth like a Kung Fu superman. What you sense is power on a leash.” One of Master Lee’s students said, “Master Lee is so precise he can swing his fist with full speed and force and not even bend a hair on your head.”

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