Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association

Sifu Sam Ng

Choy Lay Fut kung fu is a martial art originating from the southern provinces of China. Founded by the Great Grandmaster Chan Heung, Choy Lay Fut is a method of combat that utilizes powerful offensive techniques designed to overwhelm the opponent. Combining the knowledge gained from both his southern and northern Shaolin martial arts instructors, Chan Heung combined the benefits from both northern and southern techniques to create an offensively devastating yet incredibly nimble martial system.

Though Choy Lay Fut stresses combat through powerful offensive hand strikes, the system is not limited to them. All ranges of combat are practiced, including weapons training to throwing and joint locking.

The Choy Lay Fut system teaches its practitioner flexible concepts of movement and simple methods of power generation to offensively overwhelm their opponent. There are no blocks practiced in Choy Lay Fut. Each movement in the system is trained as an attack or a “destruction”. Instead of blocking an incoming strike from an opponent, the Choy Lay Fut practitioner will either evade (or redirect) the strike to counter attack or destroy the incoming limb with a strike their own.

The Choy Lay Fut system utilizes an alphabet of ten basic movements along with adaptive and flexible concepts of body placement to enable its practitioner with the technical efficiency and power necessary to overwhelm a violent opponent. A swift and powerful striking system complete with devastating throws and punishing joint locks, Choy Lay Fut offers the practitioner with the tools necessary to triumph in a violent encounter.

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