John Wai Kung Fu Academy

Sifu John Wai

Head instructor John Wai was born in Hong Kong and began his training of Kung Fu as a young teen. He opened the doors to his first Academy in 1997 and quickly gained a reputation for producing the highest quality Martial Artists in the nation. John has created a method for taking the traditional style of Kung Fu and teaching it in modern and innovative ways. This formula of combining the old with the new provides his students with a true and orthodox Kung Fu education that everyone, young and old can relate to and find challenging, thorough and most importantly, fun.

John has made it his life’s ambition not only to continue to learn, train and pass on his education to all of his students but also to teach such an amazing and ancient style of martial arts in a way that anyone can relate to, providing entire families of all ages a welcoming place to train and to help develop each of his students to their fullest potential.

John Wai Kung Fu Academy, located in Plantation, FL is a well-known industry leader in the field of martial arts, kickboxing and fitness classes. For over a decade, students of all ages have grown, developed, and transformed themselves and their lives while finding a healthier way of living by receiving the highest caliber of training and mentoring.

John Wai and his highly respected instructors represent the next generation of Martial Arts. By teaching an ancient style of Kung Fu called Choy Lay Fut in current and exciting methods, the gap between the old and the new is seamlessly brought together creating the most ideal environment to begin your journey.

Phone Number
(954) 382-2228
222 South University Drive
Plantation, FL