Yee’s Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association

Sifu Pedro Cepero Yee

YEE CHI WAI (FRANK YEE) born on July 28, 1951, began his kung fu training first with his father at the early age of six. Then, formal Tang Fong Hung Ga kung fu training under the tutelage of Grandmaster Yuen Ling, who was a disciple of Tang Fong, a close disciple of the legendary Great Grandmaster, Wong Fei Hung. Master Yee immersed himself in his Hung Ga kung fu training studying intensively and diligently under the watchful eye of his Sifu. After many years of dedicated studying, he was rewarded with the Bai See ceremony and became a disciple to his sifu. Grandmaster Yuen Ling also had other disciples who were noted for their Hung Ga Kung Fu skills, they are: Do Duk Sun, Tsui Hung Bao, Fok Siu Jong, Yuen Yao Chin, Lee Siu Fong, Chiu Sien Jee, Yu Ja Cho, Deng Sing Ging, Yuen Kai Chi, and Kong Wing Kao. Of all the disciples of Grandmaster Yuen Ling, only Frank Yee has dedicated his life to the teaching Tang Fong Hung Ga Kung Fu.

With more than 40-years of teaching, he currently has students all over the world with five generations forward, established to date. Yee’s Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association branches are established in China, United States, Scotland, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Czech Republic and Germany. Over the decades, Yee’s Hung Ga has competed in countless local, national, and international tournaments, winning thousands of medals including over a thousand gold medals. Since 1994 Grandmaster Yee has regularly traveled to the USA, China and abroad to administer promotion tests and to hold seminars and special instructor workshops to keep his disciples growing as he himself is doing, as well as holding the annual Traditional Bai Si Ceremonies.

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